It is also a air conditioner motor bearing ceramic motor in a broad sense. It uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to amplify and resonate the microscopic deformation of materials through resonance. The friction coupling is converted into the macroscopic motion of the rotor or the slider, and the piezoelectric ceramic can form a traveling wave of motion in a single direction under the action of an appropriate voltage. When the rotor acts on the surface of the elastic body with proper pressure, it will move under the drive of the frictional force of the mass point.

Changing the direction of the traveling wave causes the rotor to reverse. In ultra-precision machining, in order to process aspherical surfaces with high shape accuracy, the feed drive system of the ultra-precision machine tool is required to have a high resolution, reaching a movement of 0.01μm per pulse. There are several famous foreign companies

The company owns the product, but it is embargoed on our country. At present, the National University of Defense Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, etc. are conducting research in this area. Ultrasonic motor has the characteristics of small and light weight, fast response speed, no electromagnetic interference and low speed and large torque. The stroke can replace the traditional electromagnetic motor within 10cm.

The step-drive ultrasonic motor with feedback closed-loop control has a step resolution of about 0.01μm, which is expected to replace mechanical friction drive. The surface acoustic wave linear USM developed by the University of Tokyo, Japan, has a step resolution of up to 5nm. 2.3 The application in the field of special-shaped section processing adopts the linear motion of the linear motor.